Wind is a renewable natural resource and wind power is a practically emission-free source of energy. The projects developed by Element Power convert clean, renewables sources of energy into electric power to meet the pressing challenges of global warming and energy security.  . wind power generation will help in reaching the EU's climate goals and Finland's aim to generate 38% of energy from renewable energy sources by 2020.  

By 2020, FInland aims to generate 6 TWh of electricity from wind power. Because wind is also a domestic source of energy, increasing wind power generation improves energy self-sufficiency and decreases dependence on imports.

Project development that respects the environment
We believe that everyone has a stake in green energy.  Our aim is to work closely with communities to provide pure, sustainable energy alternatives to limit the harmful effects climate change is now bringing to all our lives. We are committed to developing and building renewable energy projects in line with relevant regulations and best industry practices. .

Local benefits of wind power
Our aim is to discuss any potential wind farm project with all stakeholders and parties.  Element Power places a great deal of emphasis on engaging with communities and keeping them informed of progress and key events at the project site to ensure good working relationships with local people throughout the life of the development.  Apart from the production of clean renewable energy there are benefits in terms of employment, mainly in the building phase. The municipality benefits from wind turbines in its area in the form of property tax. The land owners of the wind power plant area receive rental income from leasing their property.