Otsotuuli Oy suunnittelee tuulipuiston rakentamista Lumivaaran alueelle Hyrynsalmelle Kainuuseen. Suunniteltu hankealue sijaitsee Lumivaaralla noin 11 kilometriä Hyrynsalmen keskustasta lounaaseen.

Project phase: 
Nominal power (estimated): 
24.0 MW
Number of generating units: 

The proposed wind farm is expected to consist of 8 wind turbines. The turbine power is approximately 3 MW. The maximum hub height of the wind turbines would be up to 150 metres and the rotor diameter up to 150 meters.

The wind farm would be built on UPM-Kymmene Oyj owned land.

The wind farm will be connected to the electrical system operated by Fingrid.

Lumivaara land use plan proposal has been on public display in autumn 2015 and is waiting for the Municipality of Hyrynsalmi to consider the proposed land use plan.