Otsotuuli Oy suunnittelee tuulipuiston rakentamista Merikarvian kunnan alueella sijaitsevalle Korvennevan alueelle. Suunniteltu hankealue sijoittuu noin 10 kilometriä Merikarvian kuntakeskuksesta koilliseen.

Project phase: 
Nominal power (estimated): 
18.0 MW
Number of generating units: 

The project will include 6 wind turbines with each turbine power of 2 - 4 MW.  The maximum height of the planned wind turbines would be approximately 120-140 metres and rotor diameter up to 120 meters.

The wind farm would be built in the land area, which is owned by UPM-Kymmene Oyj and private land owners.

Korvenneva land use plan was approved in September 2015.